Why Are E-mail Notifications Not Received, and a CDO Error Shows in Manage Center?


The Server Configuration is setup with correct SMTP information but I do not receive e-mails from AgilePoint Server. When checking the Manage Center, the following error shows:

Could not create CDO.Message object.


Possible causes for this error include:

  • The specified SMTP Server is invalid (or inaccessible).
  • The specified Email Sender is invalid, or is not allowed to send e-mail via the specified SMTP Server.
  • The specified System User Email is invalid.
  • The CDO object is not properly registered or installed.


Possible remedies for this error include:

  • Specify valid values (in your network/environment) for SMTP Server, Email Sender, and System User Email.
  • See the related links (below) for additional info and suggestions.
  • If the CDO object is not properly registered on your machine, you may need reregister the DLL.

    CDO.Message is actually issued from the Microsoft Collaborative Data Objects (CDO) which is used to access the mail server. “Could not create CDO.Message object” typically means the CDO object is not properly registered or installed (or both). You may want to check the registry, the CDO.Message refers to the cdosys.dll located in the windows system32 directory [Drive]\windows\system32\cdosys.dll which you may need to re-register (regsvr32 cdo.dll).