Enable Microsoft Azure Active Directory Authentication

To enable Microsoft Azure Active Directory account authentication, do the procedure in this topic.


How to Start

  1. Click Settings.

  2. Click Admin Settings.

    Click Admin Settings


  1. On the admin settings screen, in the Supported Authentications, click MS Azure Active Directory.

    Authentication Configuration screen
  2. (Optional) In Auto sync user profile on successful login field, select Yes to synchronize the users in your AgilePoint NX environment with a third-party service.

    These users can sign in to AgilePoint NX with their third-party service credentials.

    Auto Sync is disabled in development environments. For more information, refer to Why Can I Not Turn On Auto Sync for Third-Party Authentication in a Development Environment?.

  3. On the Enable MS Azure Active Directory Authentication screen, click Ok.
  4. On the Sign in screen, enter your Microsoft Azure Active Directory e-mail address.

    Sign in screen
  5. On the Allow Permission screen, click Accept.

    Allow Permission screen