Tenant Administrator

Tenant Administrator can refer to a setting in AgilePoint NX or a person who administers an AgilePoint NX tenant.

Tenant Administrator (Person) Permissions

A person who is assigned as a Tenant Administrator beyond the Tenant Administrator setting for the AgilePoint NX Portal is required only for multi-tenant installations. Each tenant can have a separate Tenant Administrator who is the primary custodian of tenant-specific maintenance tasks. This user is involved during tenant setup, managing the tenant on daily basis, assigning others permission to use the tenant, monitoring alerts for the tenant, and so on.

This function is usually fulfilled by someone from IT team who manages other servers in your environment. Once the installation is complete, the Tenant Administrator is required part-time. Tenant Administration tasks typically do not require a full-time Administrator.

This table shows the required permissions for the Tenant Administrator on the AgilePoint Server machine.


AgilePoint Server service instances

  • Create an instance
  • Delete an instance
  • Configure AgilePoint Server
  • Start or stop an instance

AgilePoint NX Portal tenants

Tenant Administrator (Setting) Permissions

The Tenant Administrator is a special setting that can only be assigned to one AgilePoint ID in an instance of AgilePoint NX Portal. In the NX Portal, this user is referred to as the Tenant Administrator.

By default, in AgilePoint NX OnDemand (public cloud) the Tenant Administrator is the user who submits the initial request for the tenant. In AgilePoint NX OnPremises or AgilePoint NX Private Cloud, the AgilePoint NX System Administrator (AgilePoint System Account) assigns the Tenant Administrator when they provisions the tenant.

Figure: Tenant Information tab (Settings)

Tenant Information tab

Applies to Deployment Types



AgilePoint NX Portal tenant

  • An AgilePoint NX Portal instance can have only one Administrator of this type.
  • Only the current Tenant Administrator can change the Tenant Administrator setting.

    For more information, refer to How Do I Change the Tenant Administrator?

How To Create or Change the Tenant Administrator

Administrators (role)

Administrator is the common system administrator role for the AgilePoint NX Portal. Any registered AgilePoint NX user can be assigned the Administrators role. There is no limit to the number of users who can be assigned the Administrators role. The Administrators role is subordinate to the Tenant Administrator.

Note: The Administrators role is different from the AgilePoint NX System Administrator. The AgilePoint NX System Administrator is one person, independent of any accounts or permissions. Administrators is a security role that can be assigned to any NX Portal user.
Figure: New User Access Rights screen (Manage Center)

New User Access Rights screen

Applies to Deployment Types



AgilePoint NX Portal tenant

  • You can have more than one AgilePoint NX account with the Administrator role.
  • You can add Administrator role types with different access rights. The default Administrator role is not the only type of Administrator role that you can create in the NX Portal.
  • For more information, refer to Add System Administrators

How To Add the Administrators Role to a User or Group

  • By default, in OnPremises or Private Cloud environments, the Tenant Administrator is assigned the Administrators role when you install AgilePoint NX.
  • By default, in OnDemand environments, the Administrators role is assigned to the first user added to an environment when you sign up for AgilePoint NX environment.
  • To add the Administrators role to other users or groups, refer to Add System Administrators.