Associate an AgilePoint eForm with a SharePoint List (On-Premises)

To associate an AgilePoint eForm with a list in on-premises SharePoint, do the procedure in this topic.

Figure: AgilePoint eForm Association screen

AgilePoint eForm Association screen


How to Start

  1. In your SharePoint list, click the List tab.
  2. On the List tab, click AgilePoint eForms.


  1. On the AgilePoint eForm Association screen, in the Select List Content Type list, select the content type of your SharePoint list..
  2. Complete this field.
    Field Name Definition

    AgilePoint eForms App

    Specifies the AgilePoint form-based app to associate with the SharePoint list and use in place of the default SharePoint list form.
    Accepted Values:
    A published AgilePoint form-based app.
    Default Value:
  3. Click Save.