Delete an Item from Your Picklist

To delete an item from your picklist, do the procedure in this topic.

Background and Setup


Good to Know

  • Standard (out of the box) picklists cannot be deleted. You can create custom picklist items in a standard picklist, but only the custom picklist items can be deleted.
  • When a custom picklist is deleted, all the picklist items are also deleted.

How to Start

  1. Click App Builder.

    Build Apps screen
  2. On the App Explorer screen, click Data Entities.

    Click Data Entities Screen
  3. On the Data Entities Home screen, click Picklists.

    Click Picklists screen
  4. On the Picklists screen, click a picklist.

    Click Picklist


  1. On the Picklist Itemsscreen, in the Actions column, click Ellipses (...) > Delete.

    Click Delete Field