AgileExtender Project Template > Design Time

The design time piece of the AgileExtender is used to configure properties that can be used at deployment time or runtime.

Good to Know

  • You can add, show, or hide the properties for the AgileExtender.
  • The design time class is inherited from WFProcessPluggableAdapterDescriptor.
  • The AgileExtender.Design.cs class is used to specify the design time properties of the AgileExtender.
  • All the properties have the attribute [Category("CustomProperty"),Description("description for Property1..."), XmlElement("Property1")]. By default, all the properties are exposed in the Process Builder and will be Browsable(true). To hide a property, you must add the attribute Browsable(false).
  • Every property has a Category, Description, and Visibility attribute. More than one property can be configured under the same Category. The attribute Browsable (true/false) is used to decide the visibility of the property.
  • You can override the Validate method to write custom logic for validating the user configurations.

How to Start

  1. Create a new project in AgilePoint NX Developer.
  2. In the project folder Design Time, open the file AgileExtender.Design.cs.