Create a Shared List

To create a shared list, do the procedure in this topic.

Manage Shared List Screen

How to Start

  1. In the Manage Center, click App Builder App Builder icon > eForms Settings.
  2. On the eForms Settings screen, click Shared List Shared List icon


  1. On the Manage Shared List screen, click Add New Static List Add New Static List icon.
  2. In the Name field, enter the name for the group of list items.
  3. Click Add New Record to add the list items in the group.
  4. Complete these fields as necessary.
    Field Name Definition


    Specifies the name of the list item.
    Accepted Values:
    A number or a text string that can contain spaces.
    Default Value:


    Specifies the value of the list item.
    Accepted Values:
    One line of text that can have letters, numbers, spaces, dots (.), commas (,), hyphens (-), and number signs (#).
    Default Value:
  5. Click Update.