New User Access Rights screen

Lets you assign roles for the users in your AgilePoint NX environment.

Figure: Create New User screen

Create New User screen

Video: Add a User and Assign Access Rights

How to Start

  1. Click Settings Settings icon.
  2. Click Admin Settings Admin Settings icon > Authentications.
  3. In Add Users > Single User, click click here.
  4. On the Create New User screen, complete the fields as necessary. and
  5. Click Add User.
  6. On the New User Added screen, click Access Rights.


Field Name Definition

Search Roles

Lets you find the specified role.
Accepted Values:
A valid role name.
Default Value:

Role List

Specifies if you want to associate roles with a user.
Accepted Values:
  • Selected - Lets you to associate roles with a user.
  • Deselected - Does not let you associate roles with a user.
Default Value:

Access Rights

Shows the permissions associated with all the active roles for the user.
Accepted Values:
Read only.