Naming Convention screen

Specifies the format for the name of the process instances related to a process model.

Figure: Naming Convention screen

Naming Convention screen

Video: Process Designer Overview

Good to Know

  • If a custom process instance naming convention is defined using one or more process data variables, and the value for all the variables is null, instead of showing a blank process instance name, the default process instance name is used.

How to Start

  1. Do one of these:
  2. On the Application Explorer screen, do one of these:
  3. Click Misc Misc icon > Naming Convention Naming Convention icon.


Field Name Definition


Specifies the default format for the process name. The name is automatically generated by the AgilePoint system.
Accepted Values:
Read only.
Default Value:
<Process Name>-<Date Time Stamp>

Custom Name

Specifies your format for the process instance name.
Accepted Values:
Default Value:
Accepts Process Data Variables:

Also refer to:

If the process name exists, add the name with a GUID. If not, the Default Naming Convention is used

Adds a GUID to a custom process name when the name already exists in the AgilePoint system.
Accepted Values:
  • Selected - Specifies that a GUID is added to the custom process name.
  • Deselected - Specifies that a GUID is not added to the custom process name.
Default Value: