Fixes for AgilePoint Server

The following issues have been fixed in this release for AgilePoint Server.

When the From field in an email template is set to a custom attribute (for example, ${EmailSender}), and the value of custom attribute is an AgilePoint user name (for example, demo3\bob.hope), and a Language property is set for the user name, then AgilePoint Server fails to send the email using the specified template, and the following error message appears in the log file:
The specified string is not in the form required for an e-mail address.
03.0229.01 (Enhancement)
AgilePoint supports Exchange Server 2013.
03.0229.02 (Enhancement)
AgilePoint supports email for Office 365.
Occasionally in multi-tenant environments, the Take Assignment Action (connected with the AssignWorkItem API method) is incorrectly connected to a master tenant event, and the AgilePoint Server usage increases.
Some email notification remain in Created status without being processed.
The ResendMailDeliverable API method fails to resend some email notifications.
In the Mail Approval AgileConnector, if an error occurs because a resource is temporarily unavailable -- for example, the database server is down for a moment -- the Event Service removes the timer job from the Event Service queue without retrying. With this fix, the Event Service retries a number of times before removing the timer job from Event Service queue.
If the Mail Approval AgileConnector is added but not configured, then the AgileConnector starts using the default configuration settings. This causes an Object Null reference exception. With this fix, if the Mail Approval AgileConnector is not configured, then it does not start.
03.0240.01 (Enhancement)
The e-mail template provides an option to select the encoding type.

A recent update from Microsoft replaces charset=utf-8 in HTML source code with unicode. This update forces the correct value based on your selected encoding type.

In the To, CC, or BCC fields for an e-mail notification, if the value of the e-mail address is entered as an AgilePoint user name, but the domain name is not included, AgilePoint fails to send the e-mail to that user. With this fix, the default domain name is appended to an AgilePoint user name to resolve the user name and e-mail address.
In the AgilePoint Server Configuration Utility, if the ADSyncModule AgileConnector is configured with a name other than ADSyncModule, the configuration is not saved.
A 12 month AgilePoint subscription license key expires in 360 days.

This functionality is fixed. You may still see an error message, but the message is not correct. This is a known issue that will be fixed in a future update.

03.0249.01 (Enhancement)
The database trigger Event Service supports MySQL 5.0 and higher.
In very unusual situations, an AgilePart runs more than once in the same execution session.
Sometimes when starting a new process that has data population configured, the process starts and goes into Initiated status, but the CreateProcessInstance event goes in Failed status because of an error thrown in the DataService AgileConnector.