Fixes are organized by product component. Each fix is identified using the format [2-digit product code].[4-digit fix release number].[2-digit fix number] - for example, FIX 03.0024.01.

Each time software is released, a new 4-digit fix release number is incremented for each component. So, each Intermediate Fix has its own 4-digit fix release number, which usually only applies to one component. For major releases, minor releases, and service packs, the 4-digit fix release number is incremented once for each component.

For example, if the last Intermediate Fix for AgilePoint Envision was numbered 01.1234.01, the fix numbers for Envision in the next Release Notes would be 01.1235.01, 01.1235.02, and so on.

Product Codes

Product Component Code
AgilePoint Server 03
SharePoint Integration 06
AgilePoint Portal 07
Documentation 10
Data Services 11