AgileConnector Project Template > Event Listener Type > Runtime

Runtime behavior occurs on the AgilePoint Server as the custom activity executes. This runtime project template is for the Event Listener AgileConnector.

Good to Know

  • You can assemble the runtime logic or business logic of your custom AgileConnector with C# code in the AgileConnectorDaemon.cs file.
  • The AgileConnectorDaemon.cs file has different code for Event Listener Type and Polling Service Type of AgileConnector.
  • AgileConnector assemblies must be deployed to (AgilePoint Server installation folder) C:\Program Files\AgilePoint\AgilePoint Server\bin.

How to Start

  1. Create a New AgileConnector Project in AgilePoint NX Developer.
  2. In the project folder Runtime, open the file AgileConnectorDaemon.cs.