When Upgrading from AgilePoint v4.x, AgilePoint Server Does Not Start


When upgrading from AgilePoint v4.x, it is necessary to move the configuration entries from csmService.exe.config to Ascentn.AgilePoint.WCFService.exe.config. However, after this is complete, AgilePoint Server does not start, and the error log says that the tables WF_CLUSTER_SERVER_URI and WF_SYS_CONFIGS are missing.


This CSM configuration value is not needed where CSM and AgilePoint Server are combined:

<add key="database" value="[database]" />


  1. In the file (AgilePoint Server installation folder) C:\Program Files\AgilePoint\AgilePoint Server\bin\Ascentn.AgilePoint.WCFService.exe.config, delete this configuration key:

    <add key="database" value="[database]" />