Task List Control Placement

Certain AgilePoint components include Web parts and/or ASP.NET controls that can be placed in various and/or multiple locations by a system administrator and/or developer. Some of these, like the AgilePoint Task List controls interact with one or more servers (e.g. AgilePoint, SharePoint, and/or database servers) whenever they are viewed or refreshed. This interaction is necessary and unavoidable in most cases, and is part of the AgilePoint system's expected usage patterns.

In some environments, the location in which such a control is placed could have unintended affects on the system's performance. In an environment where there are many thousands of SharePoint users, but only a fraction of those users interact with AgilePoint, then placing an AgilePoint Task List control on an entry or portal page that is frequently accessed by the entire group of SharePoint users may place additional unnecessary load on the AgilePoint system when the page is accessed by users that don't need access to the control. In such a scenario, it may be better to place the control in an alternate location that is only accessed by a more appropriate group of users and/or that is only accessed when necessary.