APADM Archive Database Command

The APADM utility can be used to manually initiate archiving of AgilePoint Server data to the archive database. Archiving the workflow data will move the data for old processes from the main workflow database to an archive database. Old processes are those that have been Canceled or Completed for at least a specified minimum number of days.


  • AgilePoint NX OnPremises or AgilePoint NX Private Cloud.
  • Configure a connection to an archive database using the AgilePoint Server Configuration utility.
  • Log on to Windows using a user account with the access rights "Archive Process Instance" in AgilePoint.

How to Start

  1. Open the APADM Command Line Utility:
    (AgilePoint Server instance installation folder)
              C:\Program Files\AgilePoint\AgilePointServerInstance\Tools\apadm.exe


  1. Run the archive database command:
    apadm -archive [days] [AgilePointServer URL]

    The following is an example of using the utility to archive all processes that were completed or canceled at least 170 days ago:

    D:\>apadm -archive 170 http://[hostname]/AgilePointServer
    Connecting AgilePoint Server...You currently logon as 'MYDOMAIN\admin'
    Query AgilePoint database...12 process(es) can be archived.
    Please enter <Y> to continue, otherwise stop...y
    Archiving process '/sites/AgilePointFinancialSite/
         ExpenseReport_InfoPath/ER-2005-0032.xml#1'…Done ( 0.334(s))

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