On-Premises SharePoint Integration

SharePoint Integration is a group of software components that let you use connect your AgilePoint applications to SharePoint, and access your AgilePoint tasks in SharePoint. The Dashboard is a SharePoint App Part that lets you use the AgilePoint Work Center in SharePoint. AgilePoint NX SharePoint Dashboard lets you manage your AgilePoint tasks and processes, from the convenience of on-premises SharePoint.

This section gives information about how to use SharePoint Integration for AgilePoint NX on premises.

Get Started

Video: Use AgilePoint NX with Office 365 and SharePoint

Video: Integrate AgilePoint NX Application into Salesforce

Video: Introduction to eForms

Video: eForms with SharePoint - Part 1

Video: eForms with SharePoint - Part 2

Video: eForms with SharePoint - Part 3

Video: eForms with SharePoint - Part 4

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Video: eForms with SharePoint - Part 6

More Information

  • Install AgilePoint SharePoint Integration On Premises - How to install SharePoint Integration OnPremises.
  • Documentation for Integrations with Third-Party, External, or Open Source Technologies

    The highest priority for AgilePoint NX Product Documentation is accuracy. Whenever feasible, AgilePoint provides input details, business rules, or example values for third-party integrations. These can include any technology that is not native to AgilePoint NX, such as Salesforce, Active Directory, or REST. However this information is subject to change without notice to AgilePoint. Because we can not guarantee the accuracy of this information, the details provided for third-party product input values, as well as examples for third-party product integrations, are limited in the AgilePoint documentation. It is the responsibility of third-party vendors to provide documentation related to these aspects of their software and services.

    For examples of use case implementations or configuration field input values for third-party products, AgilePoint recommends these resources:

    • AgilePoint Community Forums - An AgilePoint-moderated, crowd-sourcing user forum where you can ask questions about specific techniques, the solutions to use cases, workarounds, or other topics that may not be covered in the Product Documentation.
    • Professional Services - If you can not find the information you need for your specific business problem, mentoring is available through AgilePoint Professional Services.
    • Personalized Training - AgilePoint can provide personalized training for your organization. To request personalized training, contact AgilePoint Sales.
    • Third-Party Vendor Documentation - Whenever feasible, AgilePoint provides links to third-party vendor documentation.

      This does not include technology standards or protocols, such as JavaScript, REST, or FTP. Resources for these technical standards are publicly available on the Internet.