How is AgilePoint BPMS (v5.0 R2 or Lower) License Usage Calculated?


This article provides information about how the AgilePoint licensing percentages are calculated. Based on your AgilePoint license agreement, the following information will help you understand how to retrieve and interpret your Named User License usage and Process Template License usage.


Applies To

  • Named User License Usage
  • Process Template License Usage

More Information

AgilePoint displays the Process Template License usage and Named Users License usage percentages on the Manage Center home page, under the Issue Tracking section.

  • Process Template License usage is calculated using the following formula:

    [(Total Number of Child Process Templates) / (SubProcess Ration) + (Total Number of Non-Child Process Templates)] / (Total Number of Licensed Process Templates)

    For example, if the total number of Child Process templates is 20, the subprocess ratio is 5, the total number of Non-Child Process Templates is 10, the total number of Licensed Process Templates is 20, the average Process Template License usage would be 20/5 + 10 / 20 = .7 or 70%. 

  • Named User License usage is calculated using the following formula:

    (Total Number of AgilePoint Registered Users) / (Total Number of Named Users in the License Agreement)

    For example, if the total number of AgilePoint Registered Users is 35, and the total number of named users in the license agreement is 70, the Named User License Usage would be 35/70 = .5 or 50%.