AgilePoint SAP Connector Requirements

This section provides detailed information about the specific supported system requirements for the AgilePoint SAP Connector component of AgilePoint NX OnPremises or AgilePoint NX Private Cloud. The SAP Connector is typically installed on the same machine as AgilePoint Server. This section provides system requirements for this component that are in addition to, or supersede, the base requirements for AgilePoint Server.

Memory (RAM)

  • 1 GB

Available Hard Disk Space

  • 30 MB

    This is in addition to the hardware requirements for C++ Redistribution for Visual Studio 2015. Refer to Locally Installed Software below.

Locally Installed Software

  • C++ Redistribution for Visual Studio 2015
    • To download, refer to C++ Redistributable for Visual Stuio 2015 from Microsoft.
    • Both the x64 and x86 versions of this component must be installed. These are separate installation packages available for download from the same page.
    • There is a newer version of the C++ Redistributable available from Microsoft, but the 2015 version is required.
    • This component has its own system requirements in addition to the requirements for the AgilePoint SAP Connector. For more information, refer to the documentation from Microsoft.

Other Software in the Environment

  • AgilePoint Server
  • SAP NetWeaver 7.00 or higher
  • Any version of the SAP ERP, ECC, or HANA Suite that is compatible with SAP NetWeaver 7.00 or higher