Client Machine Requirements

This section provides the minimum recommended system requirements for client machines that use AgilePoint NX Portal.

Processor (CPU)

Minimum Requirement:
Dual-core processor.
Typical Build:
Quad-core processor.

Memory (RAM)

Minimum Requirement:
Typical Build:
8-16 GB RAM.

Other Hardware or Devices

  • A network connection

Operating System

Any Microsoft Windows or Mac OSX version for desktop or laptop computers that supports one of the supported web browsers.

Locally Installed Software

  • Client machines that access the AgilePoint NX server-hosted applications must use one of these browsers:
    • Firefox 80 or higher
    • Google Chrome 80 or higher
    • Chromium 80 or higher
    • Microsoft Edge 80 or higher
    • Safari 13.1 or higher

    Web browser limitations:

    • Web browsers must have cookies enabled.
    • The Application Builder component is not fully supported in Microsoft Edge.
    • In SharePoint for Microsoft 365, the SharePoint Dashboard App Part does not support the Safari web browser.
    Note: AgilePoint NX uses client-side rendering for its forms and components, so overall performance of these components depends upon the performance of the web browser on the client machine.