When I Sign In for the First Time, Tenant Creation Fails



A master database connection string was used in the shell settings record. You must create a separate database for the tenant, and use the connection string in the shell settings table of the master database.


  1. Make sure the AgilePoint NX Portal is not open on any web browsers on any machines in your environment.
  2. Create a new database for your tenant.
  3. Delete a record from the database table AgilePoint_Portal_Core_ProvisionInfoRecord.
  4. In the database table AgilePoint_Portal_Core_ShellSettingsRecord, replace the ConnectionString column with the database connection string for your new tenant.
  5. Delete the values in the Data column to make it NULL (Ctrl+0).
  6. In a web browser, open the AgilePoint NX portal.
  7. Sign in with your credentials.