(Example) Link to a File from an E-mail

This example shows how to create a link to a file from a cloud-based data source in an email notification.


  • The file to which you want to link is stored in a cloud-based file repository.
  • For the e-mail recipient to download the file from the link, one of these conditions is required:
    • The repository is configured so that the file is publicly available.
    • The e-mail recipient is signed in to the repository with credentials that can access the file.

Good to Know

  • In AgilePoint NX OnDemand (public cloud), you can not attach a file directly to an e-mail. You must link to a file stored in a cloud-based storage service.

    For more information, refer to Why Are E-mail Attachments Disabled in AgilePoint NX OnDemand?.

  • This example uses the Travel Request app from the AgilePoint NX App Store.

    For more information, refer to How to Get the App

    Travel Request is an app that requests a future air travel plan. This app lets employees to follow a standard process to get their travel request approved. Employees can use this process prior to booking their travel plans, or after the reservation was made but before it is booked. Managers can review the employee's justification and this process to quickly assess the cost benefit analysis of the trip. This app provides a form to enter the details for the travel request. The request is then routed for escalating approvals from the manager and the travel desk. At each step, e-mail notifications are sent with a link to view of the completed form to the person who initiated the visitor travel request.

    The specific functions of this app are not important to understand. This simply puts the example in the context of a real-world use case.

How to Start

  1. On the App Explorer screen, click Travel Request > Processes > Travel Request > Process Model > Travel Request.

    Travel Request app


  1. On the Process Builder screen, double-click on Approval Notification activity.

    Approval Notification activity
  2. Click Next.
  3. On the E-mail Notifications screen, click Edit Edit icon.

  4. On the E-mail Template Configuration screen, click the Content tab.

    Content tab
  5. On the e-mail body, enter Please click here to download file.

    Please click here to download file
  6. Select the text click here, and click Insert hyperlink.

    Insert hyperlink
  7. On the Insert hyperlink screen, in the Web address field, enter https://app.box.com/s/2eo1hq1892vkmz4n6flhh5ovk8oyd8dr.

    Web address
  8. Click Insert.

    The E-mail Template Configuration screen appears.

    E-mail Notification Configuration screen
  9. Click OK.

    The E-mail Notifications screen shows.

    E-mail Notification screen
  10. Click Finish.

How to Get the App

This example is based on the Travel Request app from the AgilePoint NX App Store. Use this procedure to get the app.


Good to Know

  • This procedure is optional. It is provided so you can test the example with an out-of-the-box app.
  • This is part of the Background and Setup procedures, but many users preferred this step to appear after the example, not before it.


  1. Click App Store App Store icon.

    App Store
  2. In the CATEGORY section, click Engineering.

    App Store screen
  3. Click the Travel Request app.

    Travel Request screen
  4. On the Travel Request screen, click click Add.

    Add Travel Request screen
  5. On the Trust App screen, click Trust it.
  6. Click Return to site.