Uninstall AgilePoint Server

To uninstall AgilePoint Server, do the procedure in this topic.


  1. Delete all AgilePoint Server service instances from the AgilePoint Server Manager.

    These services will not be removed automatically.

  2. Manually back up the netflow.cfg file in your AgilePoint Server installation directory.

Good to Know

  • Uninstalling the AgilePoint Server component does not affect the workflow database. That is to say, this procedure removes the AgilePoint Server software only, and it does not delete any other data. If you want to re-install AgilePoint Server on the same machine, and you want to start over with new data, you must remove the data base and any web applications that may have been created. Web applications are usually located in IIS.


  1. In Windows, use Add or Remove Programs to remove the following program:
    • AgilePoint Server