Swagger API Documentation

In addition to this document, you can view documentation for AgilePoint NX REST API in Swagger. Swagger gives structured documentation based on the REST API WSDL.

To open the Swagger documentation for the REST API, do the procedure in this topic.


How to Start

  1. In AgilePoint NX, click Settings Settings icon.
  2. Click the Tenant Settings Tenant Settings icon tab.


  1. On the Tenant Settings screen, in the OpenAPI Document URL (Swagger) field, click the URL.

Code Examples in the AgilePoint NX Documentation

The AgilePoint NX Product Documentation is intended as a basic reference to help you understand how to complete basic coding tasks, such as make API or JavaScript method calls. Code examples that show specific use cases, the solutions to specific business problems, or detailed implementation scenarios are outside the scope of the AgilePoint NX Product Documentation. For specific and/or advanced types of examples that may better meet your requirements, AgilePoint provides several resources:

  • AgilePoint Community Forums - A free, AgilePoint-moderated, crowd-sourcing user forum where you can ask questions about specific techniques, the solutions to use cases, workarounds, or other topics that may not be covered in the Product Documentation.
  • Professional Services - If you can not find the information you need for your specific business problem, mentoring is available through AgilePoint Professional Services.
  • Personalized Training - AgilePoint can provide personalized training for your organization. To request personalized training, contact AgilePoint Sales.