Windows and Pages that Refresh Automatically

It should be noted that certain windows and pages displayed by AgilePoint automatically refresh the window's contents at regular intervals. Examples of this include:

  • The Process Monitor dialog/page displayed by the AgilePoint SharePoint Integration component's Task List Web part
  • The Process Monitor dialog/page included as part of ASP.NET applications built using the AgilePoint ASP.NET Web Application project template (included with the AgilePoint Developer component) and referenced by the AgilePoint Task List web control (also included with AgilePoint Developer)
  • The Process Monitor included as part of the AgilePoint Enterprise Manager component

This automatic refresh behavior is a usability feature that prevents users from having to manually refresh the page to see if changes have occurred. However, since such pages interact with the server both when first displayed, and also at recurring intervals (if the window remains open), those pages do represent a potential source of unnecessary load for the server if the pages are left open by users unnecessarily. When they are left open unnecessarily, the windows may still consume server resources in much the same way that an active user interacting with the system would do so. If such server load starts affecting overall server performance, then it might be necessary to alter the system's configuration to decrease the default refresh frequency (or even prevent it altogether) in order to ensure optimal system performance.