Fixes for Process Builder

The following issues have been fixed in this release for Process Builder.

In the PDF Converter activity, if you are converting an Excel file, and the spreadsheet contains a referred cell, the value of the referenced cell does not show in the PDF.
The InfoPath data source downloads the form library, but it should display the form library without downloading.
If a process has 2 or more subprocesses that execute in a hierarchy, the Wait for Milestone activity does not wait for the third-level Pass Milestone activity to complete.
The SharePoint Delete Particular File Version activity shows this exception:
Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
The Subprocess With InfoPath activity takes a long time to execute if the form library contains a large number of items.
The Update Metadata activity fails to update empty values for taxonomy fields.
If a process model has more than one swimlane, and a new swimlane is added, all of the connectors in the swimlanes below the new one must be disconnected and reconnected.
In a Start Task activity, the Application Name and Application Display Name system variables are not resolved.
If the REST activity is configured with OAuth 2.0 authentication, it fails to resolve process data variables in request headers.
The SharePoint Update Metadata activity fails while updating lists, and throws this exception:
File Not Found
If you import an application, but a file is deleted causes errors in process instances that reference the file.
In the CAML Query activity, the WHERE clause fails for fields that use the integer data type and calculated fields.
The SharePoint Move List Item activity fails to move items if the destination list contains a folder.