Platform Architecture

This diagram shows the AgilePoint NX platform architecture.

Figure: AgilePoint NX Platform Architecture
AgilePoint NX Platform Architecture

NX Portal

The AgilePoint NX Portal is a software component that shows other AgilePoint NX apps, such as Process Builder and Manage Center. The Portal enables authentication to AgilePoint NX, and provides the overall navigation.

AgilePoint Developer

AgilePoint NX Developer is a AgilePoint NX software component that lets you create custom assets, such as activities, AgileConnectors and AgilePoint NX web applications. AgilePoint NX Developer is an extension for Microsoft Visual Studio.

Windows Service (WCF)

WCF is a Microsoft framework for building service-oriented applications.

RESTful Services

AgilePoint NX offers a full set of REST APIs, and can integrate with RESTful services directly from an application with out-of-the-box activities.

AgilePoint Server

AgilePoint Server is a software engine that runs AgilePoint NX apps behind the scenes.


AgilePoint NX uses several databases to store data.

For more information, refer to System Requirements for AgilePoint Server.

Abstraction Extension Framework

The Abstraction Extension Framework lets you extend the AgilePoint NX in many different ways:

  • Use out-of-the box integrations for more than 30 different third-party services.
  • Create your own AgileConnectors to connect to even more third-party services.
  • Create your own activities.
  • Create a custom UI for your applications.
  • Create a custom UI for AgilePoint NX Portal, or any of its component applications.