Move a Running Process Forward or Backward to a Different Activity

To move a process forward or backward to a specified activity, do the procedure in this topic. This is sometimes called "roll forward" or "roll back."

Figure: Process Model screen

Process Model screen

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Good to Know

  • When you complete this procedure, the running process instance rolls forward or backward to the target activity, and the target activity changes to the status New.

    "Target" in this context means the destination activity. The target can be forward or backward in the process flow.

  • If you roll back a process, any data that was previously entered in eForms is retained, but can be changed when the forms are opened again.
  • If you roll a process forward, you skip any activities in between. If any of those activities are human task activities or activities that retrieve data from external systems, your process can lose data.
  • If you have a process with multiple process branches, and you roll the process back to an activity in the middle of one of the branches, the other branches may not complete.

How to Start

  1. In the Manage Center, click Runtime Management > Processes.

    Click Runtime Management Processes
  2. On the Processes screen, click Expand Expand icon to expand a process.

    Click Process Expand
  3. On the process detail screen, click Change Flow Change Flow icon


  1. On the Process Model screen, select the process that you want to roll forward or back.

    The active activity in the process shows in red.

  2. Select the target activity where you want to roll the process forward or back.

    Your target activity shows in green.

  3. Click Apply.