Use a Different Version of a Process Model

To change your process instance to use a newer or older version of its process model, do the procedure in this topic.

Figure: Migrate Process Model to a Different Version screen

Migrate Process Model to a Different Version screen
Figure: Process Migration screen

Process Migration screen

Video: AgilePoint App Migration


How to Start

  1. Click Manage.

    Click Manage
  2. In the Manage Center, click Runtime Management > Processes.

    Click Runtime Management Processes
  3. On the Processes screen, click Expand Expand icon to expand a process.

    Click Process Expand
  4. On the process detail screen, click Migrate.

    Click Migrate icon


  1. On the Migrate Process Model To A Different Version screen, in the Migrate to process model version list, select your process version.
  2. Click Ok.
  3. On the Process Migration screen, review the activity mapping. If you want to change how the activities are mapped, in the Activity in Target Process Version column, select the correct target activity.

    The Process Migration screen shows how the AgilePoint system mapped the activities in your source process version to the activities in your target process version. This mapping indicates how activities in the source process model version will be treated in the target process version. For example, a human task activity may change names from one process model version to another. This option lets you tell the AgilePoint system to treat the two activities as the same.

  4. Click Confirm Migrate.
  5. On the process detail screen, click Resume Resume icon to run the process.