This topic gives the limitations of offline mobile eForms.


What Data Can a Form Access in Offline Mode?

Offline mobile eForms have the following limitations for accessing data in offline mode:

  • If a connection to AgilePoint NX is available on the form user's mobile device, the form does not run in offline mode. It runs in the normal, online mode. In other words, offline mobile eForms only apply if the mobile device does not have access to the AgilePoint NX system.
  • Offline mobile forms can access any form data that is cached on form load.
  • For data outside of the eForm itself and the AgilePoint NX system, offline forms can access data only for systems to which their mobile device can connect.

    For example, if the eForm uses data from Salesforce, and the mobile device can connect to your Salesforce environment, the eForm will access the Salesforce data dynamically, even if the AgilePoint NX data is cached.

What Form Features Have Limitations in Offline Mode?

These form controls and components are not supported in offline mode.

  • Image form control - The images show if they are stored within your AgilePoint NX application, but not if they are stored in an external data source.
  • Hyperlink form control - Links show on the form, but form users can only go to linked pages where they have access from their mobile devices.
  • File Upload form control - Form users can see uploaded documents in the control, but they can not download the files. Form users also can not upload files in offline mode.
  • People Picker and User List form controls - The controls show on the form, but form users can not select people on the controls.
  • Auto-Lookup form control - Lookups that are configured to execute on form load are cached. However, any lookups that do not load on form load can not get data from any data source they can not access in offline mode.
  • Secure Credentials form control - This control is not supported in offline mode.
  • Map form control - This control is not supported in offline mode.
  • Multilingual - If multilingual is enabled on a form, the default locale is cached.