My Apps screen

Shows a list of eForms applications published for your use.

Figure: My Apps screen

My Apps screen

Video: Change the Look and Feel of the eForm in Mobile Device


How to Start

  1. Tap the Sidebar Menu (Sidebar Menu icon).
  2. On the sidebar menu, tap My Apps (My Apps icon).


Field Name Definition

Download (Download icon)

Downloads the offline mobile eForm to your mobile device.

Group By Applications

Specifies whether to sort the applications by application release date or alphabetically.
Accepted Values:
  • Release Date - Sorts the applications by application release date.
  • Alphabetically - Sorts the applications alphabetically.
Default Value:
Release Date

Sidebar Menu (Sidebar Menu icon)

Opens this Screen:
Sidebar Menu
Function of this Screen:
Displays the menu options on AgilePoint Mobile Dashboard app.

Refresh (Refresh icon)

Updates the information displayed on the screen.