Sidebar Menu

Displays the menu options on AgilePoint Mobile Dashboard app.

Figure: Sidebar Menu screen

Sidebar Menu screen

How to Start

  1. Tap the Sidebar Menu (Sidebar Menu icon).


Field Name Definition

My Apps (My Apps icon)

Shows a list of eForms apps published for your use. Tap one app to create a new instance.
To Open this Field:
On the Tenant Settings screen, set Enable Mobile eForms to Yes.

My Tasks (My Tasks icon) / Team Tasks (Team Tasks icon)

Opens this Screen:
My Tasks / Team Tasks
Function of this Screen:
Shows a list of all of the tasks assigned to you or your team

Outbox (Outbox icon)

Opens this Screen:
Outbox screen
Function of this Screen:
Shows a list of eForms and tasks that have been submitted in offline mode

Delegations (Delegations icon)

Opens this Screen:
Delegations screen
Function of this Screen:
Delegation is the temporary reassignment of tasks to another user — usually a peer or subordinate. Delegation can be used, for example, to temporarily reassign a task when a user is out of the office.

Settings (Settings icon)

Opens this Screen:
Settings screen.
Function of this Screen:
Specifies the settings for your AgilePoint Mobile Dashboard app.

Help (Help icon)

Displays quick reference help for the app.

About (About icon)

Displays details about the app, publisher, and version.

Sign Out (Sign Out icon)

Logs you out of the AgilePoint Mobile Dashboard app.