Create a View for a Form-Based App

To create a view for a form-based app, do the procedure in this topic.

Figure: New Form screen

New Form screen


How to Start

  1. On the App Explorer screen, on the My App pane, click your form-based app name.
  2. In the right pane, click Add View.


  1. On the New Forms screen, in the Form Name field, enter the name for your form.
  2. (Optional) In the Description field, enter more than one line of text description for your form.
  3. Click Finish.
  4. On the eForm Builder screen, in the Toolbox, open the Advanced Controls tab.

    Advanced Controls tab
  5. On the Advanced Controls tab, drag a List View List View icon form control onto your eForm.

    List View control
  6. Complete the settings on the configuration screen.

    For more information, refer to List View form control.