Show a Human Task on a Mobile Device

This topic provides an example of how to show a human task on a mobile device. This example assumes you are using the AgilePoint mobile apps, but the same would work for any form created in the AgilePoint portal, or any mobile app that uses the AgilePoint REST API.

Figure: Mobile View > Form Data tab

Form Data tab
Figure: Mobile View > Repeating Data tab

Repeating Data tab
Figure: Mobile View > Task Options tab

Task Options tab

Example Process: Budget Request

Example Mobile View: CFO Approval

The following image shows the result of this example for the CFO Approval task. The CFO can use this form to approve or reject a budget request.


  • A process model with the following process data variables:
    • SubmitterName - The first and last name of the participant who submitted the budget request.
    • SubmissionDate - The date the participant submitted the budget request.
    • BudgetAmount - The total amount of budget request, adding the per-employee budgets.
    • ManagerResponse - The approver's response to the request.
    • Comment - The approver's comments.
    • Employee - This is a repeating node that represents the budget for each employee. This node includes the following child nodes:
      • Hardware - The amount requested for hardware.
      • Software - The amount requested for software.
      • Telephone - The amount requested for telephone expenses.
      • Subtotal - The subtotal per employee.

Good to Know

How to Start

  1. Open your Budget Request process model.
  2. Select the CFO Approval AgileWork.
  3. To view the full list of properties, in the Design Tasks pane, click Show Properties.
  4. On the Mobile View field, click the Ellipses button.


  1. On the Form Data tab, complete these fields:
    Field Name Value

    Heading to display non-repeating data fields

    Budget Request Summary

  2. To enter the fields to show on the mobile device, do the following:
    1. Click Add.
    2. In the Display Name field, enter the label you want to display on the mobile device.
    3. In the Value field, enter the value to be displayed. This is usually a variable.

      Repeat this procedure for each of this following fields.

      Display Name Value

      Submitter Name


      Submission Date


      Budget Amount


  3. Click the Repeating Data tab.
  4. On the Repeating Data tab, complete these fields:
    Field Name Value

    Heading to display non-repeating data fields

    Employee Details

  5. Click Schema.
  6. On the Select XPath from Attributes Window, select Employee.
  7. In the Display Name field, make sure the fields you want to display are selected.

    The following table shows the sample value for the following fields. In this example, the display name and variable name are the same, but in other cases, they could be different, depending upon your variable names.

    Display Name Value









  8. Click the Task Options tab.
  9. On the Task Options tab, complete these fields:
    Field Name Value

    Heading to display form submission options

    Request Approval

    Select which action type fits best to complete the task


    If _ is _, that means _

    • If ManagerResponse is Approve, that means True.

    • If ManagerResponse is Reject, that means False.

    Display comments field for submitter


    Store comments in this process attribute