Add Participants to a Human Task with External Forms

Participants are the users, groups, or roles who complete a human task. To select participants for a task, do the procedure in this topic.

Figure: Participants screen

Participants screen

Good to Know

  • In most text fields, you can use process data variables as an alternative to literal data values.
  • Some information about third-party integrations is outside the scope of the AgilePoint NX Product Documentation. It is the responsibility of the vendors who create and maintain these technologies to provide this information. This includes specific business use cases and examples; explanations for third-party concepts; details about the data models and input and output data formats for third-party technologies; and various types of IDs, URL patterns, connection string formats, or other technical information that is specific to the third-party technologies. For more information, refer to Where Can I Find Information and Examples for Third-Party Integrations?

How to Start

  1. On the App Explorer screen, do one of these:
  2. Do one of these:
    • Add a human task activity:
      1. In the Process Builder, in the Activity Library, open the External Forms External Forms icon tab.
      2. On the External Forms External Forms icon tab, drag any human task activity onto your process.
    • Change a human task activity:
      1. In your process, double-click a human task activity.
  3. On the configuration screen, click Participants Participants icon


  1. On the Participants screen, in the Add Roles, Groups, and Users list, select the type of participant you want: A user, a group or a role.
  2. (Optional) Search the items in the list of users, groups, or roles to narrow your results.
  3. Select the list, drag the participant you want onto the Details list.

Repeat this procedure as necessary until you have added all the participants for your task.