(Example) Run the Absence Request App from the Work Center

To run the example Absence Request process in the Work Center, do the procedure in this topic.

Video: Test an App

Note: The example shown in the video is not the same as the example shown in the example procedure. The video and the procedure provide 2 different examples to help you get started with AgilePoint NX apps.

Good to Know

How to Start

  1. (Example) Create a Process-Based App for an Absence Request.
  2. Click Work Center.

    Click Work Center
  3. On the Work Center screen, click My Apps My Application icon.

    Click My Apps


  1. On the My Apps screen (Classic), in the Search field, enter Absence Request.

    Absence Request
  2. Click the Absence Request app.

    Absence Request application
  3. The eForm process instance opens in a new tab on your browser.

    eForm process instance