(Example) Create a Manager Approval Task with a Standard Task Activity

To create a manager approval task with an eForm with a Standard Task activity, do the procedure in this topic.

Target Result

When you complete this example procedure, the finished eForm will look like this.

Target Result

Good to Know

How to Start

  1. (Example) Create a Process-Based App for an Absence Request.
  2. (Example) Start an Absence Request Process with an eForm.
  3. (Example) Create an eForm to Set Available Leave Hours.
  4. (Example) Configure a Condition Activity to Check the Leave Hours Available in the Absence Request Process.


  1. On the eForms tab, drag the Standard Task activity onto your process.

    Standard Task
  2. On the Standard Task Configuration screen, select the Create Absence Request eForm.

    This step is a shortcut to complete the configuration for the activity. This is not the eForm to use for this task.

    Create Absence Request eForm
  3. Click Next.
  4. The General Configuration screen opens.

    General Configuration screen
  5. In the Display Name field, enter Manager Approval.

    Manager Approval
  6. Click Next.
  7. On the Participants screen, drag a participant that has the manager role onto the Details list.

  8. Click Standard Task Configuration Standard Task Configuration icon.
  9. On the Standard Task Configuration screen, click Add New Form.

    Add New Form
  10. On the Form Details screen, in the Form Name field, enter Manager Approval.

    Manager Approval
  11. Click Next.
  12. On the Choose Form Layout screen, click Existing Form.

    Existing Form
  13. Click Next.
  14. On the Select Existing Form screen, select Set Available Leave Hours.

    Set Available Leave Hours
  15. Click Finish.
  16. The eForm Builder shows the existing form that you selected.

    Existing form you selected
  17. On the eForm Builder screen, click Save Save icon.

  18. In the Save quick menu, click Save and Check In Save and Check In icon.
  19. The eForm Builder screen closes and the Standard Task Configuration screen shows in the Process Builder.

    Standard Task Configuration screen
  20. Click OK.
  21. The Process Builder shows the process model with the Manager Approval standard task.

    Manager Approval standard task