(Example) Create a Database Access Token

To create a access token to connect to a database, do the procedure in this topic.


  • A database with the name Absence_Request.
  • In the Absence_Request database, a table with the name Available_Leaves.
  • In the Available_Leaves table, columns named EmployeeID, RemainingLeaves, and Name.

How to Start

  1. Click Manage.

    AgilePoint NX Portal Home page
  2. On the Global Access Tokens screen, click Add Token Add Token icon
  3. On the Add Global Access Tokens screen, select Database.

    Click Database
  4. Click Next.


  1. On the Add Global Access Token screen, in the Token Name field, enter Database Access Token.

    Database Access Token
  2. In the Database Type list, select SQL Server.

    SQL Server
  3. In the Database Server Name list, enter the database server name, where your database is installed.



    Database Server Name
  4. Select SSPI (Integrated Security).

    SSPI Integrated Security
  5. In the Database Name field, enter Absence_Request.

    Absence Request
  6. Click Test Connection to make sure the database account is correct.
  7. Click Encrypt.
  8. Click Done.

Download Files

This file has the database table used in this example. You can copy the contents of this table into your SQL database to test it.