Why Can I Not Open an AgilePoint NX Report in SharePoint?


When I open a report with the URL [SharePoint Site URL]/_layouts/15/AP/AgileReports.aspx?reportID=ahReport[ReportID], my web browser shows a blank screen.


The IP address for Report Center is not configured correctly.


  1. In the AgilePoint Configuration List in SharePoint, make sure the value of ReportCenterURL is correct .

    For more information, refer to How Do I Configure SharePoint to Show an AgilePoint NX Report?.

  2. If you can not access the report from SharePoint, do this procedure.
    1. Create the URL with this format:

      http://[Report Center domain]:[port number]/AgileReports/rdTemplate/rdGetSecureKey.aspx?Domain=[AgilePoint NX user domain]&Username=[AgilePoint NX user name]&ClientBrowserAddress=



    2. Open the URL in a web browser.
      • If the report configuration is correct, it shows a random alphanumeric string.
      • If the report configuration is not correct, an error message shows with an IP address that access the report.
        1. In a text editor, open the file [Report Center installation folder]\_Definitions\_Settings.lgx.
        2. For the AuthenticationClientAddresses attribute, add the IP address that is shown in error message.