How Do I Configure SharePoint to Show an AgilePoint NX Report?

To configure SharePoint to show a report from AgilePoint NX, do the procedure in this topic.


Good to Know

  • This procedure creates a link on your SharePoint site to show your report. When a user clicks this link, the report shows within the context of your SharePoint site.

How to Start

  1. Open a SharePoint site collection where the AgilePoint App Part or Web Part is installed.
  2. Click Settings Settings icon > Site Contents.
  3. Click AgilePoint Configuration.


  1. Configure the SharePoint Dashboard to open AgilePoint NX Report Center.
    Title AP Setting Value


    Specifies the Report Center URL.
    Accepted Values:
    A valid Report Center URL in this format:


    You can find the URL in this key in the file, [AgilePoint Portal installation folder]\web.config.

    <add key="ReportsExternalAppPath" value="" />

    Default Value:
  2. In a text editor, open the file [Report Center installation folder]\_Definitions\_Settings.lgx.
  3. For the AuthenticationClientAddresses attribute, enter the IP addresses for servers that can access reports.
    Field Name Definition


    Specifies a list of IP addresses for servers that can access reports.

    You must include the IP address for your primary SharePoint server, as well as the IP addresses for any virtual or physical devices that a connection must pass through between your SharePoint server and the AgilePoint Server machine that affects the IP address a client web browser or application uses to access SharePoint. In other words, this is the SharePoint server IP address from the client machine's perspective, rather than the native IP address on the SharePoint machine. These two IP addresses may be the same, or they may be different, depending upon your system configuration.

    For example, if there are any physical or virtual switches between your SharePoint server machine and your AgilePoint Server machine that would have an effect on the SharePoint IP address from the client perspective, you must include the IP addresses for those switches. If your AgilePoint Server or SharePoint Server runs on a virtual machine, you must include the IP address for the virtual machine.

    Accepted Values:
    A comma-separated list of IP addresses for servers that can access reports.
    • The list must include the IP address of your AgilePoint NX Portal.
    • IP addresses can be complete, or, if they are in the same environment as the Report Center, they can be relative.
    • If you want to open reports through SharePoint, enter the IP address for all of your front end SharePoint servers in the list.
    Default Value:
    The IP address for your AgilePoint NX Portal in any supported format.
    "::1,,,, fe80::4497:7360:6f53:af0b%12"
  4. Create a report view URL using these formats.


    • A direct URL to a report:

      [SharePoint Site URL]/_layouts/15/AP/AgileReports.aspx?reportID=ahReport[ReportID]

    • A report URL that uses input parameters:

      [SharePoint Site URL]/_layouts/15/AP/AgileReports.aspx?reportID=ahReport[ReportID][&parameter1=value1&parameter2=value2]


    • http://myspdomain/_layouts/15/AP/AgileReports.aspx?reportID=ahReport111
    • http://myspdomain/_layouts/15/AP/AgileReports.aspx?reportID=ahReport111&company=AgilePoint&Role=developer
  5. Create page on your SharePoint site, create a link to the report. For example, you can create a link on a page within your site, within a link library, or on your site menu.