How Do I Enable eForms on Mobile Devices?

To enable eForms on mobile devices, do the procedure in this topic.

Good to Know

  • When you do this procedure, these are the results:
    • The shared variable MobileEFormsBaseURL is created in the Manage Center. This variable stores the base URL for mobile eForms tasks.
    • The tasks that use eForms shows in users' task lists on the AgilePoint NX mobile apps.
    • The My Apps menu shows on the AgilePoint NX mobile apps.
  • You can create the MobileEFormsBaseURL shared variable without enabling mobile eForms, but the task list and My Apps menu features will not show unless you do this procedure.

How to Start

  1. Click Settings Settings icon.
  2. Click Tenant Settings Tenant Settings icon.


  1. On the Tenant Settings screen, in the Enable Mobile eForm field, click Yes.

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