How Do I Put the AgilePoint NX Portal in Maintenance Mode?

To put the NX Portal in maintenance mode, do the procedure in this topic.


How to Start

  1. On your primary AgilePoint Server machine, open the [AgilePoint Portal installation folder].


  1. Rename the file app_not_offline.htm to app_offline.htm.
  2. (Optional) To change the maintenance mode screen settings, in the file [AgilePoint Portal installation folder]/web.config, do this procedure.
    • To specify the length of the maintenance, change the value of this element:

      <add key="ServiceMaintenanceLength" value="[Hours.Minutes]" />

    • To specify the start of next scheduled maintenance to show on your portal, change the value of this element:

      <add key="NextMaintenanceDate" value="[yyyy-mm-dd HH:MM AM/PM" />


      <add key="NextMaintenanceDate" value="2015-05-25 11:10 PM" />

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