Replace Trial License Keys with Production License Keys

To replace your trial keys for AgilePoint NX with production license keys, do the procedure in this topic. The information in topic applies to these questions:

  • I have purchased permanent keys, how can I replace my evaluation keys with the permanent keys?
  • Can I extend my evaluation key before it expires?
  • Can I force my evaluation key to expire early?
  • I have an important demo coming up and I am worried that my evaluation key may expire around the demo time. Is there a way I can reactivate or extend the evaluation key prior to its expiration?



  1. Submit a support ticket on the AgilePoint Support Portal to request your permanent license keys.

    AgilePoint Support sends an e-mail with your permanent license keys and the file with an updated data file,AgilePoint Server.dat.

  2. On your AgilePoint Server machine, unzip
  3. Copy the new AgilePoint Server.dat to the common path for your AgilePoint applications.

    The default path is C:/Program Files/Common Files/Ascentn.

  4. Open AgilePoint Server Configuration Utility.
  5. When prompted, enter your production license key.