Change the Priority of a Task

To change the priority of a task, do the procedure in this topic.

How to Start

  1. Do one of these:
    • In AgilePoint NX, click Work Center.
    • In SharePoint, go to the AgilePoint NX Dashboard.
    • In Salesforce, click the AgilePoint Dashboard tab.
  2. Click the My Tasks or In Queue tab.
  3. Click your task name.


  1. On the task option list, click Change Priority Change Priority icon.
  2. Complete this field as necessary.
    Field Name Definition

    Select Priority

    Specifies the importance of a task.
    Accepted Values:
    • Normal Normal icon - Specifies a normal priority task.
    • Low Low icon - Specifies a low priority task.
    • High High icon - Specifies a high priority task.

    Click the column heading to sort the list with the high priority tasks first.

    Default Value: