Offline Mobile eForms

An offline mobile eForm is eForm you can use on a mobile device without a connection to data within the AgilePoint NX system, AgilePoint Server, or the Internet.


Good to Know

  • You can use offline mobile eForms in the AgilePoint Mobile Dashboard apps or in a custom mobile app.
  • Offline mobile eForms cache the data necessary to use the eForm on the mobile device.
  • If the mobile device has an Internet connection, but can not connect to AgilePoint NX, the offline mobile eForm connects to any data sources that are available. For example, if the eForm uses data from Salesforce, and the mobile device can connect to your Salesforce environment, the eForm will access the Salesforce data dynamically, even if the AgilePoint NX data is cached.
  • If the mobile app is offline and you submit an eForm or action a task, the form is stored in the Outbox. The eForm is submitted the next time the mobile app connects to AgilePoint NX.