My Tasks Details screen

Shows the details for a task. If Mobile View is enabled for the task in AgilePoint Enterprise Manager, this screen also displays options to complete the task.

Figure: My Tasks Details screen

My Tasks Details screen

How to Start

  1. Swipe the Main Menu Handle (Main Menu Handle icon).
  2. On the Main Menu, tap My Tasks or Team Tasks.
  3. On the Task List, tap your task.


Fields that appear in the task detail vary based on the Mobile View settings for the task in AgilePoint Envision. For more information, refer to Mobile View Configuration

Field Name Definition

Complete Task (Complete Task icon)

Completes the task.

Process Viewer (Process Viewer icon)

Displays the process viewer for the process.

Reassign Task (Reassign Task icon)

Assigns the task to a new participant.

Cancel Task (Cancel Task icon)

Cancels the task.