Outbox screen

Shows a list of eForms and tasks that have been submitted in offline mode. These forms are synchronized with the AgilePoint NX system once the mobile app is online.

Figure: Outbox screen

Outbox screen


How to Start

  1. Swipe the Main Menu Handle (Main Menu Handle icon).
  2. On the Main Menu, tap Outbox.


Field Name Definition

Offline / Online

Shows online or offline status and the last synced time for your mobile app. If there is no Internet connection on your mobile device, the app shows in offline mode. If the mobile device has an Internet connection, but the mobile device can not connect to AgilePoint NX, you can run the mobile app in offline mode from Settings > Run app in Offline Mode.
Accepted Values:
  • Offline - Red color status bar shows offline mode.
  • Online - Green color status bar shows online mode.

Refresh (Refresh icon)

Updates the information displayed on the screen.