How Do Forms Work in the Offline Mode?

This section gives information about how forms work in the offline mode.


Good to Know

How to Start

  1. Swipe the Main Menu Handle (Main Menu Handle icon).
  2. On the Main Menu, tap My Tasks or Team Tasks.


  1. The Offline/Online icon shows whether the app is in online mode (Green color) or in offline mode (Red color).

    My Tasks screen
    If there is no internet connection, the app works in Offline mode. If there is internet connection, but the AgilePoint Server can not be accessed in a mobile, then user can manually enable the offline mode in Settings > Run App in Offline Mode.

    Settings screen
  2. The Status bar field shows the last synchronization date and time of the app, and the static file download status.

    My Tasks screen
    When an app status changes from offline to online, the static files are first downloaded. After the static files are downloaded, user can download the offline forms in the mobile device.

    My Apps screen
  3. On the My Apps screen, the Download (Download icon) icon on a task form or a submit form shows that the form is available to download for the Offline mode.

    My Apps screen

    The Download (Download icon) icon shows that the form is downloaded in the mobile device and is available for the offline mode.

  4. You can complete an offline form and submit it in the offline mode. The forms that are submitted in offline mode are moved to Outbox.

    Outbox screen

    These forms are synchronized with the AgilePoint NX system once the mobile app is online. Before any form synchronization is done, the task is first validated for the task form and the submit form, and the app is validated with current version published.

  5. The total number of Outbox items are shown on the form tiles.

    My Apps screen
  6. If a task form is already submitted in offline mode and user tries to open it again, a confirmation message is shown.

    My Tasks screen
  7. The Error Error icon icon in Outbox shows that the task or the form is updated on the server. You can tap and delete the item from Outbox.

    Outbox screen

    Outbox screen
  8. When you sign out from the app or the server URL changes, and the saved offline form data is cleared.

    Sign Out screen