Source Repository Configuration (Amazon S3) - Microsoft Word

Specifies the location of your Word template file on Amazon S3 to convert to a Microsoft Word file or PDF file in the Microsoft Word activity.


How to Start

  1. On the Application Explorer screen, do one of these:
  2. Do one of these:
    • Add an activity:
      1. In the Process Builder, in the Activity Library, open the Document tab.
      2. On the Document tab, drag the Microsoft Word activity onto your process.
    • Change an activity:
      1. In your process, double-click your activity.
  3. On the Source Repository screen, click Amazon S3 .
  4. Click Source Detail Configuration .


Field Name Definition

Amazon Web Services

Specifies the access token that connects to your Amazon Web Services.
Accepted Values:
A list of access tokens configured for your environment.
Default Value:
Accepts Process Data Variables:

Add Token

Opens this Screen:
New Amazon Access Token
Function of this Screen:
Configures a new access token for Amazon Web Services.

File Path

Specifies the path of the file.
Accepted Values:
  • Choose File Path - Specifies an absolute path for the file.
  • Dynamic File Path - Specifies a process data variable that stores the path for the file.
Default Value:
Dynamic File Path
Accepts Process Data Variables: