Change a Schema Element

To change an element, do the procedure in this topic.

Data Model screen

How to Start

  1. In the Application Explorer, in the My Applications pane, expand [Application Name] > Processes.
  2. Click your process name.
  3. Do one of these:
    • In the content pane, double-click Schema.
      1. Select Schema.xsd
      2. Click Edit .
    • In the content pane, double-click Process Model.
      1. Double-click your process.
      2. Click Form Data .
      3. On the Data screen, in the Data Source, click Edit .


  1. On the Data Model screen, select the element, complete these fields:
    Field Name Definition

    Element Name

    Specifies the name of the schema element.
    Accepted Values:
    One line of text that can contain spaces.

    Data Type

    Specifies the data type of the schema element.
    Accepted Values:
    • string
    • byte
    • boolean
    • dateTime
    • double
    • decimal
    • float
    • integer
    • long
    • short


    Specifies if the schema element is repeatable.
    Accepted Values:
    • Selected - The schema element is repeatable.
    • Deselected - The schema element is not repeatable.