Internet of Things (IoT) Example: Fire Alarm Management Application

This video gives an example for how to use AgilePoint NX to create a Fire Alarm Management application that uses IoT (Internet of Things) with a application.


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Business Problem

A fire alarm management company faces a lot of false alarms that are reported each day. These false alarms reduce efficiency and delay emergency reaction times. Management at the fire alarm management company are not able to track the false alarms or delays. There is also no way to give feedback to the fire alarm sensor to change the alarm parameters temporarily in case of a false alarm.


Process Overview

  1. When the temperature in a room goes above 90° F, an AgilePoint NX process starts where the device ID and current temperature are passed to the process.
  2. The process creates a new incidence record in Salesforce.
  3. A notification is sent through an e-mail and SMS message to a regional alarm supervisor that is on duty.
  4. The client profile data and past alarm history are retrieved from Salesforce, and show to supervisor with these options:
    • Mark the alarm as a false alarm, and specify the new temperature limit and duration for which this limit. After that, the device resets to the original limit.
    • Mark the alarm as valid, and notify the fire department to send a truck, and monitor various phases till the situation is complete.
  5. At the end, reset the device, and get feedback from the customer.